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The 10th family reunion of the family von Arnswaldt, Arnswald and Arenswald in the year 2017

While we had our last assembly at Freiburg in September 2014 the members of the family decided, that the 10th reunion in combination with our 800 years ceremony “Name Arnswald” in an original-document will take place in or around Kelbra. The “office Arnswald” got six offers and before we made a trip to Kelbra with another family in February 2015, there were three hotels, we had to a look for. We decided, the hotel Residenz Bad Frankenhausen was the best one for us. Everyone, who wants to come to the reunion, has to reservate for himself at the hotel. During our three days stop at Bad Frankenhausen in 2017, we try to visit the castle ruin “Arnswald”, the castle ruin Honstein, where the first Arnswald comes from, to go to the church, where we will find our coat of arms and visit the Barbarossa document and so on. More information you can get from the “office Arnswald”

Date of Meeting:from 19. Oktober 2017 at 22. Oktober 2017
Name of the Hotel: Residenz Bad Frankenhausen
Adress: Am Schlachtberg 3, 06567 Bad Frankenhausen
Telefon: 034671/75-0
Telefax: 0049/34671/75-300
Next Railwaystation: at Heldrungen (9,9 Km, Time 15 Min)

Bad Frankenhausen 2017

“The Office”

Gabi and Peter