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350 years the „Civil Line“ Arnswald at the 14th of Mai 2015

With the first document from the 22th of Oktober 1217 begins the calendar of the name (von) Arnswald. In this document Burchard de Honstein and his brother Hermann de Arnswald appeared as witness. This original document you will find at the Staatsarchiv Wolfenbüttel. At the 14th of Mai 1665, exact before 350 years, the first “Civil” Arnswald was born on Schmirdkeim/East-Prussia. His father was a soldier, lieutenant, owner of Schmirdkeim, called Erasmus Christoph de Ahrendswald, born near 1633. He died in November 1886 at Schmirdkeim. Mother of the not legitimated Christoph was the courtmaid Orte or Ortusch. In the year 1665 Erasmus Christoph de Ahrendswald married Anna Euphrosine de Strauss. She died at 1699. He still had 6 children with Anna Euphrosine.

Arranged by Gabi and Peter Arnswald