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The Arnswald Family - which is of noble origin - can be traced over a period of eight centuries. As commoners and noblemen, they all contributed to history. On these pages, members of the family should not only find their ancestors but also interesting information on their lives, such as encounters with famous German personalities.


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A sincere Welcome to our Homepage

We are members of our extended family Arnswald and at the same time the “Office Arnswald”.Since 1999 the research of our ancestors has been taking a considerable place in our life.
But we try to do it correctly and are proud of our great family. So far, we were able to help more than 40 families to a complete family- tree – from today up to about 1100 back, that means partly 25, 26 or 27 generations.
We know one family Arnswald only, without a complete genealogical tree. Four years ago, there was no one, who knew something about such a great family-tree, and he also did not know anything about the association between the names Arnswald, Arenswald and von Arnswaldt.
Gabi and Peter


Peter Arnswald

Gabi Arnswald

Gabi Arnswald