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The 800th Anniversary of the Name (von) Arenswalt

(Courtesy of Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv at Wolfenbuettel)

Partial Translation of first Mention of the Arenswal(d) Name on 22 Oktober 1217:
Elger Count of Honstein sells with the consent of his spouse (Oda), as well as his sons Dietrich, Heinrich and the cleric Elger the Younger, about 30 acres at Ostede and a home site at Urebach (Urbeke) with approximately 8 acres to the Walkenried monastery for 53 Marks. Berthold, son of Grung, had received the roughly 30 acres of land after the death of his father. Elger Count of Honstein promises to convey the Imperial lease to Emperor Friedrich II, and until the consummation of the deal turn over the land to the hands of his faithful followers Burchard II. von Honstein and his brother Hermann von Arenswalt and Dietrich von Wilerode. (The original document which is located at the State Archives at Wolfenbuettel then lists the 6 guarantos an 7 witnesses)

Arranged by Gabi and Peter Arnswald