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Gabi Arnswald

Peter Arnswald

The origin of the Arnswald-Movement

The beginning of this movement: It must have been in about 1998, when André Arnswald from Fréjus in South France asked his father Hubert: “Are you able to tell me where our surname Arnswald comes from?” (In France it is very difficult to pronounce this name.)
Hubert knew that his surname had its origin in Germany, and then they began to search for the Arnswalds in Germany. A list with all the members helped them to find out the families with the same name in Germany and on November 3, 1998 Hubert wrote letters to 50 Arnswald-members.
He began his message with an excuse for writing it. He wrote: “I hope that my letter will not cause any inconveniences to you. For several months I pursue the research of my ancestors and corresponded with French and German majors and priests offices.
If you believe that we have a common family-tree, I would be very grateful to hear from you”. Hubert got answers from 12 families named Arnswald from Germany. An intense correspondence began between Germany and France. On June 1, 1999 Werner Arnswald from Bergisch-Gladbach organized the first Arnswald-family-reunion.
This reunion should take place at the hotel “Barbarossa” at Kelbra in June, 2000, without knowing the connection between the families Arnswald, von Arnswaldt and Arenswald.
Werner also learned about an Arnswald-ruin-castle near Berga at Uftrungen. On July 16, 1999 Hubert and his son André announced their visit to Germany for September, 1999, nearly one year before the family-reunion should take place to get to know the Arnswalds better.
That was the beginning of a friendly relationship between the Arnswalds from Germany and the Arnswald from Fréjus in South France.


Gabi and Peter Arnswald