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Report about the 4th Family-Reunion of the Families von Arnswaldt, Arnswald and Arenswald at Waldhotel/Ehrental in Schmalkalden.

In September 2002 in Stolberg at the Harz mountain area the family-meeting decided, that the 4th family-reunion should take place in the year 2004 in Thuringia. It was intentional to visit the Wartburg at Eisenach the domain of Bernhard and Hermann von Arnswald, who were the commanding officers of the Wartburg from 1840 until 1900. 58 persons announced to participate in the reunion and finally 51 persons came to the reunion. The well travelled guests were two sisters from Hawaii. They are granddaughters of Alexander August von Arnswaldt, who emigrated to Hawaii near 1900.

Schmalkalden 2004
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Furthermore, members came from Chicago, Lynwood/Wa USA and Frejus at South-France. Every day we had proper Arnswald-weather, namely sunshine all the day. On Friday, 17th we visited the Wartburg-castle. It is a very impressed building. Every evening we met each other at the hotel, had a nice dinner and substantial conversations together.

The morning of the 18th was at disposal of everybody. Most of the members visited the nice town of Schmalkalden. In the afternoon at first Sabine and Hans-Bernd Baumgarten gave a slide-lecture about East-Prussia where they were in 2003. Many members of the Arnswalds and von Arnswaldts at Whitsun made a trip to our native country.

After the slide-lecture the family-meeting took place and most of them decided the next family-reunion shall take place in 2006 at or around Erfurt. All the family-members hope to see more and new persons with the name Arnswald and von Arnswaldt.

Gabi and Peter Arnswald