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Group photo of participants in the family meeting in 2008 in Potsdam

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Report about the 6th Reunion of the Families Arnswald, von Arnswald and Arenswald
from September 11 to14, 2008 at the Seminaris Sea-Hotel in Potsdam

The last family-reunion in 2006 took place in Erfurt-Linderbach. There the majority of the conclusion decided that the next meeting should take place in September, 2008 in Potsdam. Months before the reunion nearly 90 Persons told us to come to this reunion. But a short time before the beginning of the meeting we had more than 80 members who were guests of the reunion. From Sunday to Wednesday we already had 28 persons of our family who could not wait until the 11th when all members would arrive, and so they came earlier.

On Thursday we expected the rest of our reunion-people. Nearly at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, finally the last ones reached the Seminaris and half an hour later the reunion began with our greetings-ceremony. Then we got as a gift self-made necklaces, consisting of Kukui-Nuts from the Hawaiians. After that all the Hawaiians stand up and sang a very nice Hawaiian song as a present for all the members of our family.

On the 12th of September,2008 the sight-seeing tour of Potsdam began with two buses through the whole city with very nice old buildings, gardens and bridges. In the afternoon a shipping-tour with the “Stadt Potsdam” on the little and great Wannsee was arranged, and the tour endet on the Templiner See at the landing-stadge of the Seminaris-Hotel. In the evening we had a nice dinner-bufett.

On Saturday we enjoyed a rich breakfast. After that the whole family came together and on occasion of this meeting decided with more than 30 voices that the next reunion should take place in or near Dresden on the 2nd or 9th of September (from Thursday until Sunday), 2010. In the afternoon the family-reunion drove by bus to the park and castle of Sanssouci. We had a look at a very imposing park and castle.

In the evening we once again had a nice dinner, and our little Piano-player played nice music for us. In the evening also other members of our family came, who did not say anything about their appearance. We were very happy.The result of this 6th reunion was that all the members of our family promised to come to our next reunion in 2010. It was a great success for our family.

The “Office Arnswald", namely Gabi and Peter, hope that they had done good work to the entire satisfaction of the whole family.

Gabi and Peter Arnswald