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Our 7th Family-Reunion from September 2 to 5, 2010 at
Weinböhla near Dresden

Dear members of the families Arnswald, von Arnswaldt and Arenswald with their relatives..

On occasion of our last reunion in 2008 at Potsdam the family decided that the 7th reunion should take place in the year 2010 near Dresden. It was intended to visit the town Dresden and the porcelain-manufactory Meißen.

The first members of the family already arrived on Sunday, the 29th of August, 2010, at the Waldhotel , further 28 persons on Wednesday, and nearly all other members arrived at the hotel in the evening of the 2nd of September. It was a content society you could see there. By the way, during this evening we were able to give Jörg a whole family-tree from now back to the 10th century, namely totally 26 generations. He was deeply surprised and very excited to see his tree.

Weinböhla 2010

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On Friday, we went by bus to a sight-seeing tour to Dresden with two couriers. At 12.00  o’clock we visited the Frauenkirche and listened to an organ recital. And than everyone could do what he wanted until 17.00 o’clock. After that the bus brought us back to our hotel where we had a nice dinner. Uschi, a part of our family, living at Dresden, paid a visit to us. It was a real surprise. She was the musician with her guitar in the evening.

On Saturday at 9.00 o’clock, we all drove to Meißen in order to get a general idea of the manufacturing of porcelain which, in deed, was very interesting to us. In the afternoon we went to the Moritzburg until 15.00 o’clock. Than the bus brought us back to Weinböhla, were we had our family-meeting. The members decided, that - if you want to be a part of our family - you have to pay a contribution for the next two years. The office needs this money for the arising expenses. In case, a balance should remain after these two years, we will spend it for a bus etc. A further result of this meeting was that the next reunion should take place in the first week of September, 2012 in the Frankenland. There are the towns Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Nürnberg and so on.

The “Office Arnswald” wishes all the persons, who read this
a very nice time until 2012.

Gabi and Peter