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The 9th family reunion 2014 of the familys von Arnswaldt, Arnswald and Arenswald.

In 2012 in Bad Windsheim the meeting decided shall take place near the “Black Forest” because the Americans would like to know more about the beauty of the scenery. But the costs of flight and the rate of exchange did not allow them to come to Germany to visit our reunion. Furthermore we had another reason to visit Freiburg. One of our ancestors, Carl Gottlieb Siegmund von Arenswald, born 1690, died in November 1758, was a Commander of the Freiburg. His son Gottlieb Georg Ernst was born at Freiburg and christening at Freiburg-Haslach. This time Helmut and Wilfried had to organise this reunion. They live near the black forest. They had a look for many hotel and decided the “Hotel Stadt Freiburg” is the best one for the family.

On Wednesday 3rd of September the first three members arrived at the hotel. They would like to know more about this region. The other ones came on Thursday. Only Klaus and Bettina came on Friday in the evening. We think Bettina likes traffic jam and accidents on the motorway. But they also reached Freiburg late in the evening. On Thursday in the evening all our members met themselves in the room “Waldmüller,” were we spend out time at the hotel even in the morning at breakfast. On Friday after breakfast Helmut and Wilfried ordered some taxi to drive the Arnswald-family to the Schlossberg. There a guide waited for us. She had to show us the peculiarities of Freiburg. But when we asked her for the commander of the Freiburg Carl Gottlieb von Arenswald, she did know anything about him. The Arnswald spend the whole day at Freiburg.

And when they came back for dinner to the hotel some of them were tired. After our meal we had our family-meeting. Wolfgang was the head of this discussion. The members decided, the next reunion shall take place in the year 2017 in or near Kelbra where we found the extraction of our name. Therefore we had to change our rhythm of our meetings. Also the family-contribution for three years now are 60,00 Euro to pay to the “Office Arnswald” On Saturday at half past nine a bus waited for us to show us the “Black forest”. It was a very nice journey. It´s a great pity that the “Americans” missed this trip in summertime.

When they arrived at the hotel we made our picture at the fountain of the hotel from all the members of the family. After our meal we had a long talk to another. On Sunday the day of saying “Good bye” was there. All, who were present, hope to be together once more in 2017 in or near at Kelbra. The “Office Arnswald” also hopes, the “YOUTH” will be a part of our next reunion.

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Hotel Stadt Freiburg


The “Bureau Arnswald”

Gabi and Peter