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Hohnstein Castle

Hohnstein Castle

The Lineage

The connection between the Living "von Arnswaldt, Arnswald and Arenswald" Commoners

1. The oldest member of the von Arnswaldt and Arnswald-Family was Burcardus I. de Honstein and Ascherode. He was born approx. in 1145 and he died after 1221 on the Honstein-Castle. His father was called Burchard de Honstein and his grandfather was Guntherus de Honstein. So far, you are able to see this very big castle-ruin near Neustadt in Thuringia. This castle is more than 900 years old. Konrad of Sangerhausen built this castle in about 1120. The heavy-fortified construc- tion became the home castle of the counts of Honstein. When the imperial troops occupied the county of Honstein during the Thirty Years' War, the castle burned down in 1627. Since that time the big castle Honstein of the Middle Ages went to ruin. Today you can see fragments of the castle ruin only.

2. One of his sons was Hermannus I. Dinggraf de Arneswalt who was born on the Honstein castle in 1163. In the year 1217 he built his Arnswald-Castle nearly 15 kms in the South-East of the Honstein Castle in Uftrungen. Today you can only see stonework of this castle on the karst-walking -way. It was a small feudal castle in Romanesque style which was 290 ms high, situated on a hill. This castle existed a few centuries only, because the gentlemen of this castle went to Kelbra out of safety reasons.

3. His son was Hermannus II. de Arneswalt who was born in 1200. He died after 1242.

4. In the 11th generation, counted from Burcardus de Honstein, separated the lineage from " von Arnswaldt" and "Arnswald", because Christoph IV. von Arnswald had 8 children, among other things Christoph V. and Hans III. von Arnswald. Christoph V. was born in Kelbra/Thuringia in 1554, and he died on October 13, 1620 on the dragon-stone castle in East-Prussia. In 1593 he married Barbara von Kuhnheim, born on the Knauten-Estate in East-Prussia in 1573, and consequently, he started the "von Arnswaldt" branch of the family.

5. Hans III. von Arnswald, born before 1560 on the Alkehnen-Estate in East-Prussia, died in 1642, married Dorothea von Wolframsdorff, born on March 25, 1583, died in 1642, originated the lineage of the families Arnswald and Arenswald, initially still with the prefix "von".

6. One grandson of Hans III. was Erasmus Christoph von Ahrenswald, born in 1633 on the Schmirdtkeim-Estate in East-Prussia, died in 1688, who made pregnant a maid Orthe before he married Anna Euphrosine von Strauss in 1665.

7. Then Christoph I. Arnswald was born on May 14, 1665 on Schmirdtkeim-Estate who - as an illegitimate child - was no longer permitted to carry the title "von", and so the lineage of Arnswald commoners was established.

This combination was made by Gabi and Peter Arnswald