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Grave of  the  Arnswaldts at Eisenach


The History of the Wartburg

Two Commanding Officers of the Wartburg called von Arnswald

The first von Arnswald commanding officer of the Wartburg was from 1840 until he died 1877, Bernhard Carl August von Arnswald, captain of the Wartburg Castle. He was born on September 1, 1807 in Eisenach as a son of a forest officer. He died on September 27, 1877 on the Wartburg. Bernhard was single. At first his profession was page at the Court of Weimar, later he became an officer and in 1840 he was the first commanding officer on the Wartburg. Bernhard von Arnswald was very successful in rebuilding the Wartburg Castle in tendency of the Romanticism.

He was a great etching and painter, and he became friends with the painters Friedrich Preller and Moritz von Schwind, Ludwig Bechstein, the collector of fairytales, and the writer Joseph Victor von Scheffel.

In the year 1877 his brother Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Hermann von Arnswald, born on August 28, 1813, died on February 4, 1894, took over the Wartburg Castle as on commanding officer from his brother Bernhard Carl August von Arnswald. On October 15, 1846 he married Emma Caroline Jungherr in Eisenach/Thuringia. Five children were the result of this marriage.